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To develop and strengthen bond between our alumni and the Institution by providing diverse tangible benefits including career services, special events and lectures, and the opportunity to connect with and also to inspire students.

To engage alumni with Departmental future goals, in order that each individual feels welcomed and valued as a member of the “Government Polytechnic Palanpur”

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  • A respectful, congenial, and equitable programme that is welcoming and engaging all alumni as well as their  families, partners and guests as  stakeholders.

  • A dynamic community of active alumni who contribute to the goals of the programme, feel ownership over its direction, and act as ambassadors for Engineering at Government Polytechnic Palanpur.

  • A programme with strong ties for industry and spin-out companies, and having ability to promote mentoring, internship and career opportunities for students and alumni in engineering and other fields.

  • A commitment to transparency of goals and actions.

About Us:

Government Polytechnic Palanpur Alumni Association (GPPLAA) was established in 2020 with aim to promote brotherhood among alumni, exchange ideas, spread knowledge, stimulate thinking and help Government Polytechnic Palanpur to provide excellence in the field of engineering.


The main objectives of the association

  • Maintain Contact

    • To establish and maintain contact among alumni, present students to the teaching staff of Institute and provide infrastructure facility in connection with overall development of the students.

  • Industry Interaction

    • To establish interaction with industry for the benefit of students.

    • Industry-Institute linkage for arranging a various programme like Seminar, Conference, Workshop etc.

  • Financial Assistance  

    • To extend financial assistance to the deserving present and alumni of the Institute for academic purposes.

    • Help the student for scholarship

  • Development of Student  

    • Alumni and their vast experience play a key role in the overall development of students which enhances the skill of facing a real life   situation with the zeal of success.

    • Encouraging the scholar students by awarding.

  • Social Services & Awareness Programme 

    • Alumni’s dedication and helping attitude along with gained skills acquired through their experience lead them to extend their service to each student of the institute for spreading awareness and uplift them in a field of knowledge as well as social responsibility like health services, protection of citizen right, education etc.   

  • Address for communication:

​         Government Polytechnic, Palanpur

         Outside malan-gate, Palanpur-385001

         Phone No. 02742-245219

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